White Tara: A Soothing Practice for Difficult Times, A 5-week Online Course

with Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown

September 30th—October 28th

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  • $50.00 Suggested Contribution

Locally, at Open Sky Shambhala,

Didier Gohler and Linda Willow will facilitate group viewing of

recorded talks and practice sessions.

White Tara is one of the most famous

bodhisattvas of compassion

in Tibetan Buddhism.

Emanated from the tears of compassionate Avalokiteshvara, peaceful White Tara is said to witness the suffering of beings through her seven eyes.

She soothes fear, calms anguish, and heals suffering.

This is a lineage practice particularly relied upon in times of domestic and community turmoil and disharmony & when personal or family health is threatened.

White Tara practices have long been popular in Kagyu and Nyingma communities.

This particular short practice was composed years ago by Sakyong Mipham to soothe illness, disharmony, and suffering in the Shambhala community.

The course will be comprised of practice sessions and talks on compassion practice and the tradition of White Tara.

The lung (reading transmission) will be provided.

Prerequisite: This course is open to practitioners who have a grounding in mindfulness meditation (at least one year) and who are ready to commit to a compassion practice.

The practice text is available for personal practice to those who have taken refuge and have received the lung in this course or another from a qualified preceptor.  We will place a text order on October 11. If you would the text please let a course staff person know by October 7th or email eugene.shambhala@gmail.org The text is $18.00.

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