The Personal Path of Unraveling Social Conditioning Weds. Mar. 6 @ 4 pm

with Alexandra Vlasic

March 6th

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    Room: A private home

    Join us to watch this live online talk by Alexandra Vlasic via Shambhala Online

    Weds. Mar. 6 at 4 pm

    At a private home

    If you'd like to attend, please call or email:

    541-683-5866 or

    The session will include a guided meditation, a dharma talk, and a Q & A period.

    This is the 3rd in an ongoing series of Weekly Dharma Gatherings offered by Shambhala Online.

    We've all been socialized, or conditioned by the culture, people, and institutions around us, so when we sit to meditate, we are not just sitting with our own minds, but also with society and the messages that we have absorbed over our lifetime(s). Together we will explore how we can engage our innate awareness to expose, unravel, and de-bunk the untruths that we hold in our minds and bodies, particularly the biases, privilege, and internalized oppressions around race, gender, class, sexuality, and ability, that live within us whether we actively believe them or not. The path of practicing social justice can begin with our own minds and hearts.

    All are welcome.

    No Cost.

    Donations to Shambhala welcome.