I learned how to meditate - So now what??

with Teri Rowe

March 21st

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  • $5.00 Suggested Contribution

So you have taken a class, read a book, done a retreat.  You learned how to meditate.  Now what?  If you are trying to integrate meditation into your daily life, join us for deeper instruction and discussion on how to plant this seed in your life. 

If you want to make meditation a normal and regular part of your life, regardless of when or how you learned meditation, please join us for some deeper meditation instruction and technics to add meditation to your daily routine.

This class is designed for those who have just received their first meditation instruction, those who have been practicing for a while and those who have reached levels of realization!  

We will start with a guided meditation at 6:00 followed by silent meditation until 6:20.  

At 6:20 the leader will discuss posture and view, followed by 5 minutes of silent sitting

At 6:35 5 minutes of walking meditation

6:40 Open discussion of obstacles and antidotes to making meditation a daily routine in your life.