From Cynicism to Connection: Joy in Everyday Life 5-Week Course

with Linda Willow & Jackie Lucas

February 13th—March 20th

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  • $50 Public
  • $75 Patron (help make programs possible for others)
  • $50 Suggested Contribution
In our cynical and blaming media-driven culture, it seems easy to lose faith in the goodness of others, or even ourselves. Depleted of energy and inspiration, our lives can feel like a race to the bottom, and we may compensate by indulging the very habits that drain us. 

Embracing a regular spiritual practice can provide us with a foundation to restore our sense of vitality, wonder and connection to the world. This 5-week course gives us practices and perspectives for connecting with the simple enjoyment of ourselves, others, and the world around us, and includes instruction on Loving-Kindness Meditation. We learn more of the Shambhala view of enlightened society, and explore positive discipline as a road to finding joy in everyday life.

Class 1: Introducing Joy
Class 2: Awakening the Heart 
Class 3: Escaping the Trap of Doubt
Class 4: Compassion in Action 
Class 5: Discipline and Virtue

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