From Shame to Contentment in Everyday Life

with Linda Willow

November 7th—December 12th (2018)

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Guilt, shame and a general sense of doubt about our own worthiness permeates our society.  What if there is another way?  Imagine learning how to be appreciative and content in your life.  In this 5-week class we will explore what contentment means and how to find it ourselves.

Constant messaging from the beginning of our lives to the current day tells us we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, rich enough; we are too big, too small, too young, too old and the list goes on and on and on.   It is no wonder contentment is so hard to find for many of us. Though we continually search for contentment in things, achievements and/or relationships, we still have an underlying discomfort with ourselves or our place in society.  

With meditation and contemplation practice, we learn to relax with ourselves as we are and appreciate simple human experience. Difficult emotions and the challenges of life can be met with gentleness, mindfulness, humor and inquisitiveness.

This course is open to all. No previous experience with meditation is required.

Great news!  This course will be offered online via zoom to anyone registered.  You will receive zoom link information after registration.

If you are not familar with zoom, it is a free live-time application - see more information here:

Please join Linda Willow, LCSW, QMHP Therapist for these 5-weeks to explore Contentment in Everyday Life.

From Linda's professional website:

Our thought patterns, refusal to accept reality, and unhealthy habits can magnify feelings of depression, anxiety, or pain. By learning how to befriend ourselves and work with our minds in constructive ways, we not only cope better, but can grow from such troubles.

 'Chaos should be regarded as extremely good news.' --Chogyam Trungpa 

Blending spirituality with evidence based practice such as Mindfulness and Compassion practices, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, I help you to access your deepest wisdom to overcome problems and grow from them. I use Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, Mindful Recovery or 12-step to help you overcome mild addictions. I am not a CADC. I welcome and am experienced with LGBTQIA-identified clients, familiarity with trans issues and resources, welcoming and celebrating gender-fluid and non-binary people. 

None of us are perfect; but we share perfect imperfection. Instead of an "expert" stance, I believe that being my down-to-earth self (which includes extensive training and experience) is what helps you feel safe and able to open and heal, thus discovering your true, best self."