Mamo Chants

January 27th—January 31st (2019)

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The upcoming celebration of Shambhala Day marks the end of one year’s cycle and the beginning of a new one. We are encouraged to practice as much as possible in the period (the Dön season) just before Shambhala Day. In particular, we are encouraged to recite the Mamo chants together in order to purify the karmic causes of personal, social, and environmental chaos that accumulates at year’s end. The Mamo chant is an elaborate protector practice by which we tune into our inherent openness, awareness and basic goodness, keep our conduct straightforward and kind, pay proper attention to the details of our lives, and reconnect with sacred outlook.

The practice is about an hour in length and is open to the public. This year these chants will be done during the weekthün.  Those not participating in the weekthün may come for evening chants.  Please be advised the retreat is silent so you are invited to enter quietly, join practice and silently depart.

The day before Shambhala Day is considered neutral and therefore Mamo chants are not done on this day; rather, it is a traditional time to clean and refresh one’s home and shrines in preparation for the coming year.