Harvest of Peace - Community Potluck

September 22nd (2018)

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    Harvest of Peace is one of four annual Nyida Day celebrations in Shambhala culture.  Nyida days are connected with the natural world (Nyi = sun and Da = moon), with each holiday marking the changing of the season.  Harvest of Peace is celebrated near the Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere. This special day marks the spirit of generosity and sharing the bounty of the seasons together as a society. It is an opportunity for our local community to gather, celebrate the richness of our local cultures and heritage, enjoy good food and drink, and appreciate one another.

    This year, Open Sky will be hosting celebrations on Wednesday, September 19th, and Saturday, September 22nd.

    On Saturday, September 22nd, we will come together for the Annual Harvest of Peace Potluck Community Gathering and fundraiser for members, families and friends of Shambhala.  This year's gathering will again be held at Jackie's home, where all can share in conversation, food and drink while relaxing on the deck overlooking Fern Ridge Reservoir and the Coastal Mountain Range.  As we gather, we encourage you to consider offering any kind of performance to liven our celebration -- a poem recitation, musical offering, or dance would be a wonderful addition to our gathering!