If you feel a connection to Shambhala, its teachings and community, we invite you to deepen your personal commitment and experience by becoming a member. As a volunteer-based non-profit organization, we rely completely on the engagement and generosity of our members.

Membership is considered a threefold commitment

  • A commitment to the practice of mindfulness and awareness
  • A commitment of service to help with programs, classes, and other activities of community life
  • A commitment of regular financial support

Your dedication to practice is the very foundation of Center life. Our shared participation in meditation practice binds us as a community and provides a path for developing innate human qualities of compassion, warmth, and sanity in ourselves and others.

Your offering of service to fellow practitioners and the community brings the mind of meditation into everyday living. As we progress along the path, there are countless opportunities to lend support to others, according to individual talents, skills, and inspiration. When undertaken with this bigger view, all activities become an expression of enlightened society.

Your financial support makes it possible to keep our Center open, meet our basic operational expenses, provide education and training programs, and offer scholarships and discounts for those with financial obstacles. Individual contributions are based on each member’s financial situation and range from $5 to $500. All members are asked to make, what is for them, a significant contribution.  A baseline suggestion is a total of $45 per month of which $35 is to Open Sky and $10 to Shambhala Central Services.  Being thoughtful and intentional about your financial support helps develop an attitude of sanity in relationship to money.

All three of these member commitments are crucial for the Center’s continued ability to provide

  • An uplifted environment for meditation practice and instruction, welcoming newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.
  • Programs, classes, and events that share the Shambhala vision and teachings with others, build community, and allow practitioners to advance along the path.
  • Financial support for Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s teachings, guidance, and leadership, as well as for Shambhala International, which in turn supports our Center and the larger network of Shambhala Centers worldwide with materials, training, technology, and communication — as well as inspiration.

Anyone who feels strongly connected to the Center and committed to its practice, teachings, and community is warmly encouraged to become a member.

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