Local Leadership

As the Director of Open Sky Shambhala, I welcome you!  Please take some time reviewing our website and most importantly – join us for meditation, a class, workshop, retreat or one of our many book-study gatherings.  I look forward to meeting you at the Center! In peace, Teri

Open Sky is a branch of the global Shambhala network.  We strive to assist in Making Enlightened Society Possible through meditation and community.

Locally the leadership includes the following:

Governance Council:

  • Center Director: Teri Rowe
  • Practice and Education Director: Vacant
  • Finance Director: Margaret Beiharz
  • Health and Well Being: Vacant
  • Culture and Decorum: Jackie Lucas
  • Rusung: Laurie Fischer


Executive Committee (all of the above plus):

  • Membership: Linda Willow
  • Environment: Ava Hayes
  • Promotion and Marketing: Vacant


Teachers (T), Meditation Instructors (MI), Course Leaders (CL) and Shambhala Guides (SG):

  • Teri Rowe (T, MI, CL)
  • Didier Gohler (T, MI, CL)
  • Margaret Beiharz (T, MI, CL)
  • Ron Schultz (T, MI, CL)
  • Laurie Fischer (CL, SG)
  • Linda Willow (CL, SG)
  • Jackie Lucas (CL, SG)
  • Jason Lamb (SG)


The best way to reach any of us is the general Open Sky email address: [email protected]

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.  If you ever feel the need to reach out beyond the local group, please use this form to contact the central administration of Shambhala.