Open Sky is still 100% volunteer based.  Unfortunately the expenses of operating a center are still in real dollars!

Our income from current members dues is about $600 per month.  As you can see, we need more money to support our efforts.  Fortunately many kind and generous people have contributed to help make our move possible and we have some cash reserves.  We are frugal group and will make the very most of your generous donations.

In general our monthly expenses and budget are as follows:

Rent $1,350

Utilities $200

Payment for relocation upgrades $800 per month until February 2019

Flowers, cleaning supplies, lamp oil, tea and snacks for classes and events $100

Supplies, misc other $20

Occasional paid marketing $80

Banners, pictures, space upgrades $50

Total Monthly Expenses: ~ $2,600*

*Note: once our remodel expenses are paid this reduces by $800 per month.

Course fees:

  • Shambhala Online charges for classes such as the In Everyday Life Series and Basic Goodness Series.
  • Teacher fees to bring others to teach for various programs.
  • Heart gifts to local teachers

We try to recover these through program fees, but it doesn’t always happen. 

Expenses for what we would like to do, but need additional funds outside of budget:

Meditation Cushion sets $60 each (about 10 new sets and ongoing replacements and additions)

4 Dignities full wall banners $1,600

More extensive marketing

Nominal pay for graphic design, promotion, printed materials, etc

Nominal pay for a center assistant