Community Care

Dear Members and Friends,

As you may have read in various emails or in Tricycle Magazine, there have been allegations of sexual misconduct by the leader of Shambhala, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Please be assured that we, both at the international and local level, take these allegations very seriously.  Open Sky does not have any additional knowledge or information to share at this time, but we want to make all known resources available to you as they arise.  Please join us for Listening Circles that will be scheduled in the coming week and will be posted on our website calendar as they are scheduled.  As the Director of Open Sky, I commit to you that I am dedicated to being transparent and engaged throughout this process and will do all I can to be part of the healing process.

With an Open Heart,
Teri Rowe, Director
Open Sky Shambhala

It seems the best way to begin is to provide links to the information that the Shambhala governing council is providing.  This will allow us to not have conflicting information on various official websites.  I also know this will know not satisfy the full need for information and protections for those who have experienced fear and pain in our community.  We will continue to provide information as we are able.

Shambhala has shared these resources:

July 6, 2018 Update:

Leadership Transitions:  The Kalapa Council provides information on dissolving the Council

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche steps back from his administrative and teaching responsibilities within Shambhala during the independent investigation of these allegations. He is also stepping down from his positions and responsibilities at Naropa University.

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